Zejak Mazi  at Ojore


Red Wheaten


Date of Birth : 12/06/2006

Hip Score : 2/0

Sire : Rejan Zoah Zejak

Hip Score : 2/2

Dam: Sohw Zejak Jenga

Nala is a truly wonderful Ridgeback  –  calm and balanced at home ,  patient with kids yet still weary of strangers .

Active and energetic  when out , she is just as happy snuggling in front of the fire for the whole evening.

A big “Thank you !” to the lovely Jackie Ellis for all of the support and advice she’s given us through the years , but mostly we are thankful that she gave us the chance to fall in love with this incredible breed !

 Just as any other ridgeback coming from the Zejak line our Nala has the most amazing temperament – friendly , loving and loyal at all times, she is always calm & collected rarely making any noise at home or outside .

She comes from the last litter of the beloved Rejan Zoah Zejak / “Merlin” – a Sire with outstanding  looks and behaviour  and we’re very proud to be given the opportunity to continue his legacy  .

Zejak Aysi at Ojore




Dark Red Wheaten      Bitch

Date of Birth : 18/07/2010

Sire : Zejak Mazili

Dark Red Wheaten

Hip Score : 3/6

Dam : Zejak Mazi at Ojore

Red Wheaten

Hip Score : 2/0

Maya – born  on 18/07/10 is a beautiful  dark red wheaten bitch with stunning looks and friendly temperament.

Her Sire is the gorgeous Zejak Mazili ( Boris ) son of Zulu , and her Dam is Zejak Mazi (  Nala ). She is  playfull , loving  and affectionate .


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