Dorset based Dog Breeders of Ojore Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Our dogs are family pets bred for their fine temperaments and raised in an active environment. They make for an ideal addition to a modern family being a loyal companion that you can take anywhere in persuing an active lifestyle.

Bunch of ridgeback puppies

The Pups of Christmas present

Being mid way through raising this current litter I thought it time to post up a few images.  Still being the wobbly individuals that they are there’s not a great deal of movement from them, which is good in some respects.  Saving me the need to chase after them when the decide to make a…

Puppy in Amniotic sac

Chance in a million photo!

Having whelped a number of litters now, I’m only too aware how being present & looking after the bitch is so important.  When the pups start arriving it can either be thick and fast or a drawn out affair.  Either way, there always seems to be plenty of things to do. This time though I…

Ridgeback Pups

2020 Covid 19 Litter

PUPS ARE ALL TAKEN Understandably being beautiful family dogs along with people spending more time at home this year due to the Covid 19 outbreak, we have seen considerable interest in the upcoming litter. Our waiting list is huge and as such, we cannot accept anymore enquiries. Our next litter will be at the earliest…