Through no fault of his own ‘Kaiser’ is looking for his new FOREVER home, following the relationship breakdown of his owners.

No matter how hard we vet potential owners, some things we can never foresee.  Kaiser being one of our pups from a Bisa / Red mating was returned to me a couple of weeks ago.  He is a stunning boy with a gentle temperament around the home.

He does need some outside work to be done with recall and lead work as he is a strong powerful boy, needing firm boundaries with a joint discipline being given by any potential new owners.

Kaiser has been bounced around a bit between handlers before coming back to me.  So he’s a little unsure at first and would really thrive given the security of being able to settle into a quiet home and being given one on one attention.  Connection and positive re-enforcement being key components when bonding and training a well balanced ridgeback.

If you have experience of ridgebacks and other big breed dogs, do get in touch.  We would love to hear from you and place Kaiser in the loving, stable home environment he deserves.


  1. Hi there is kaiser still available ?
    I have adopted two previous ridgeback and love the breed
    Currently have a Samoyed who 18 months and needs a friend

  2. Hi

    Just an enquiry to ask if you have found Kaiser the home he deserves.

    We ‘rescued’ our beloved ridgie Simba in July 2005 at the age of 2yrs, from the Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Trust. Fortunately they had his KC registration but they did not have his history other than the son of his then owners of 2 months had ‘bought him in a local pub’!

    It took us all as a family of now five probably six months for Simba to settle and really feel that he had a home. After that we had 7 years of joy, unfortunately he passed far too young in 2012. After many years of debate, we now feel that we are in a position to offer a a young ridgie a lovely home.

  3. Hello, do you still have the 15 month old ridgeback needing new home? I am very interested. We have 3 rhodesian ridgebacks among are family . Thanks

  4. Good morning,

    I showed Kaiser to my father last night. He has recently lost his dog, Zeus. His previous partner has a ridgeback which he unfortunately doesn’t see anymore so he would absolutely love to take on Kaiser.

    He’s very experienced with the breed and large dogs in general. Zeus was a Great Dane cross.
    He has an enclosed garden and he is retired so would walk him and take great care of him.

    He would love to meet Kaiser.

    Would it be possible to give him a call on 07907 964515 or alternatively my number is 07534335277

    Many thanks,


  5. Very interested in Kaiser. I have previously owned 2 rescued ridgebacks am retired living in rural Devon with garden and plenty of Dartmoor walking

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