Bunch of ridgeback puppies

Being mid way through raising this current litter I thought it time to post up a few images.  Still being the wobbly individuals that they are there’s not a great deal of movement from them, which is good in some respects.  Saving me the need to chase after them when the decide to make a bolt for freedom.

Bunch of ridgeback puppies

I like to do atleast 2 of these shoots capturing the individuals and having a good reference point when looking back at the whole litter.  This little bunch are wonderful having very little white on them and having great coats.Did you see those ridge hair definition?  Almost a mohawk going on – I wonder how this will go over the coming weeks and future months / years!

Ridgeback puppy

Our exceptional current litter will be ready for new homes at end of January.
Get in touch if you wish to be considered.

Rhodesian Ridgeback with raised ridge