Puppy in Amniotic sac

Having whelped a number of litters now, I’m only too aware how being present & looking after the bitch is so important.  When the pups start arriving it can either be thick and fast or a drawn out affair.  Either way, there always seems to be plenty of things to do.

This time though I was hoping to document a little more, capturing moments that have just washed over me without being recorded in any way.  So having just recently upgraded to a new phone, I was determined to use it and hopefully get something special!

This photo is one very special moment for me.  What are the chances of all this coming together for the perfect birthing shot.  Still within the amniotic sac and facing perfectly upwards towards the camera, with that all distinctive canine nose showing through!

2021 Litter

Themba produced a litter of 9 plump, healthy, perfectly ridged pups.  5 Girls and 4 boys, no DS present.

The litter will be ready to join their human companions near the end of January 2022.  We have very limited availability, but do reach out and complete our registration form.

You may be lucky for these beauties or you’ll be carried over for our next litter when that happens later in the year.

2021 Litter of ridgebacks