On Sunday we said goodbye to the last of our litter.  All our puppies have now gone to wonderful people and are looking forward to some great adventures ahead of them all.

It was a big achievement, raising 15 healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies.  Sleepless nights of vigilant supervision in the early stages, bottle feeding where needed, along with constant cleaning and a washing machine that was constantly on the go!

Ridegback Puppies with new owners

Their rapid development bought many hours of fun along the fun.  Seeing their daily growth spurts, from crawling, to  opening eyes, recognising our voices, taking first steps, and then finding their voices.

Chaos erupted, and high energy wrestling matches commenced – but it was fun and a great pleasure for myself and Andrea to share together.

We are so glad that we managed to find such wonderful owners for each and every dog.

We hope to keep in touch with many of you and keep up-to-date with their development.  We are always here, should you face any problems, or need advice.

If there is interest, the occasional meet up for a ridgeback walk on the beach or through woodlands would be great!

Our next litter

We don not plan to breed again for a number of years!

Having raised 15 puppies, we are now taking some much deserved time out from breeding to concentrate on developing our own businesses.

Should you be looking for a pup, from stunning lines, bred for its great temperament and similar to those shown on this site, please contact Jackie Ellis at Zejak Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Jackie bred my first dogs, along with assisting and advising with choice of stud, and raising the litters.  With over 20 years of experience with the breed, she is certainly one of the country’s top Rhodesian Ridgeback experts.

All enquiries through this site will be forwarded directly to her.

Ridegback Puppies with new ownersRidegback Puppies with new owners