Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset

It’s been a busy time raising this litter of 15 pups, but its wonderful to see them now, all in top health and enjoying their outside play pen.

This last week and its great weather have allowed us to set them free of their whelping den constraints and explore a bit more of the world.  Their first tentative steps were quickly followed by their wish to begin their play times with litter mates.   Learning boundaries when interacting with each other, knowing how hard they can bite and realising the consequences when they take things too far!

They have been on their raw food diet supplied by Nutriment for a week now and are loving every morsel.  (All pups will be sent to their new homes with a stock of this top quality food.)

Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset

Some puppies are still available!

We do have some availability from this litter, so don’t hold back and get in touch!

This litter is simply stunning and quite remarkable, not just in size / numbers.  Both parents have produced show winning dogs, all being excellent ambassadors for the breed.  All having great temperaments, and great family dogs.

We do not plan to breed again till 2017!!

We have one ridgeless girl available and two boys that will find homes quickly.

Ridgeback Puppies in DorsetRidgeback Puppies in Dorset Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset Ridgeback Puppies in Dorset


  1. Hi, I am a single working mum with a little girls of 6. We need someone to love and to look after us. We have friends and family willing to help while we are at work and school.
    We would live a pup. I had a dog as a child but never been lucky enough to be in a position to have one since.
    I must ask how much are your lovelies?
    Thanks Helen

    • Hi Helen

      Although Ridgebacks are great family dogs, they are a breed that need plenty of human contact. i know its difficult when working and juggling busy family lifestyles but the ridgeback breed is not one of the easiest dogs to train and settle, without the necessary firm hand, supervision and training. If a ridgeback sees an opportunity to get up to mischief, it will. If it can take liberties – it will, if it is allowed to become dominant – it will rule the house.

      I have only placed puppies with families and couples who work from home, as the first two years are so important in getting the puppy properly integrated into families and socialised well.

  2. Hi there, We are looking for our 1st dog to join our family. We have 2 children aged 6 & 10, also our rescue cat Narla. We live in Plymouth. I must confess that I have not heard of this breed before, but your puppies are truely gorgeous 🙂 Do you have any puppies left? If you have, could you please let us know how much the puppies are? Many Thanks Jane Fergie

  3. Hi there, my husband and I already have one female Ridgeback, she’s a super calm and lovely, very tolerant of other animals, especially good with friends puppies. People bring their puppies to us to learn how to socialise with other dogs as she’s so very good, the best dog I have EVER had!!!! She’s just about to turn six. We’d love another one! Probably a male, do you have any left? All the best, Hannah

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