Time to introduce you to two of our amazing Ridgeless girl pups!

Both are a similar size and looking very cute and cuddly.

They have had all the same love and work put into raising them as the rest of their litter mates, they just lack the one thing their breed is known for – the ridge!

Ridgeless Girl pups

We have one bitch available and like all their litter mates, no decisions have been taken as yet as to what puppy for what owner.

All the pups are being observed to assess their particular characters and temperaments.  We want to match the right dog with the right owners and homes that they are going to.

We will bare in mind, those owners that have more experience of the breed, along with those that are new to Ridgebacks.  Owners that will home a ridgeback in an adults household and those that will raise the puppy alongside young children.

We want all our dogs to go to the best homes for them, where they will have the time and attention paid to them and their needs.  That the puppy in turn will settle and be a valued member of their new pack / family.

Fundamentally, each dog will not become someones unwanted or unmanageable pet!

If you love the breed and are looking for a great dog to join the family, you could be looking at them in these photos!

Ridgeless Girl pups Ridgeless Girl pups


  1. Had boxers for 20 yr just lost my boy looking for a different breed always liked ridgeback could you please put me in touch with a reputable breeder I’m my area North east England just looking for a family pet not to show and could you tell me roughly what to expect to pay many thanks the pups look gorgeous

    • Sorry Craig, but I dont know any of the breeders in your part of the country myself. Best thing to do is to search on the kennel Club website or Champdogs. They have some great systems to source dogs from good breeders. Well worth a look.

    • Hi Rachel

      Sorry for the delay, but yes we have a male left that you may be interested in. We blogged a post on his this morning. Do let us know if he is of interest.

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