A big step occurred yesterday with our Dorset Rhodesian Ridgeback litter went all ‘al fresco’!

Now that the winds have died down, the sun has come out once more and the pups have reached the ripe old age of 4 weeks – it was time to venture outside.

Bit by bit, they have gained confidence in their indoor surroundings and become used to their environment.  But like all things, both boundaries and experiences have to be stretched, giving them more confidence whilst simultaneously giving them greater space in which to play and socialise with their siblings. ( It’s also more convenient for them to create havoc and mess there as opposed to the whelping area ;-))

A nice healthy meal of Nutriment raw puppy meat served up in the warm sunshine – this Dorset Rhodesian Ridgeback litter was living the high life!

We are now getting ready to meet all our lovely visitors at the weekend, who are hoping to have an Ojore Dorset Rhodesian ridgeback come join their family pack.

We still have some pups available – both dogs and bitches.  So if you think you are right for the breed and can offer one of them a wonderful loving home, get in touch through our contact page.