If you are looking for Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies in London, we aren’t too far away, being just under 3 hours away in sunny Dorset 😉

If you are looking for an exceptional dog, from great breed lines this litter needs to be seen, being well worth a weekend spin in the car out into the country.

Many people researching the breed and are looking for something special to join their family unit.  A number of whom have already showed interest by arranging to visit us when the litter reaches 4 weeks of age.

Having just opened their eyes at two weeks, their activity has now stepped up a notch or two.  Not wanting to sit still for a minute (well when it comes to photos anyway!), here are a few snaps taken in the week.  A little rushed on my part, so a project to go back to, to get that neat, sweet idyllic puppy shot.  Maybe on the next sitting!

Looking for Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies in London?

We are now arranging appointments over the weekend of the 16th – 18th May 2014.

Get in touch now to register your interest, ask questions or arrange a time to visit the pups.

I’m sure you will find them irresistible! Their pedigree, looks and temperaments are exceptional 😉

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  1. I was looking for a ridgeback dog puppy
    Can you tell me where u r as we are in Northampton and prices.
    I have had GSD before but can’t have another as too painful as can never replace me previous dog. So was looking for something different.
    Thank tou for your time

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