Rhodesian ridgebacks

With all this horrible snowy weather causing so many problems for people around the UK at the moment, I just so happened to find this image in the archive. It was when I was living in Bulgaria with my first and eldest Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nala.

She loves playing with other dogs and this day was no exception. I think she was playing with a Dog Argentine and this image was taken at that decisive moment…….

The moment the photographer realises he was too close to the action and the dog has now planted the camera in the photographers face!!!!

It almost looks as if Nala in looking on with fear as if she’s thinking “**** now we’re in trouble”!

Well if it puts a little smile on a few Rhodesian Ridgeback fans out there – it will be good. Atlast breaking my silence blogging here and as a change in direction to all the normal snowy weather pictures.

Rhodesian ridgebacks