Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies

This was one of those unexpected photo opportunities that just arose. As a photographer, a Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder and a recent owner of a new iphone, this was too good an opportunity to miss in combining all my passions!

On a recent motorway journey with the girls in the back on the car I had pulled into a motorway service station, let the girls out of the car to stretch their legs and had been greeted with this beautiful background & setting. Equiped with biscuits in order to maneuver the girls together and make the composition it was simple to create and quick. Such a pretty shot that I will be putting it up on the homepage slideshow and another beautiful shot showing mother and daughter in all their glory.

I am so impressed with using my iphone for photography and video work – it really is an invaluable bit of kit!! To think that as a pro photographer I even went time without carry a camera as I didn’t like to be weighed down, but now everything is so much better. I really couldn’t do without it now.

Rhodesian Ridgeback PuppiesRhodesian Ridgeback