Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies

At 11 weeks old it was finally time to take both mother & daughter out for a play on the local beach. The innoculations had been done and the house had been wrecked ( well almost!).

Looking back it was a funny time having to keep a young pup amused about the house for this all important period before the vaccine had time to work. There were a few items that got thrashed, as they do when any new addition enters a house – canine or otherwise. Unfortunately for my wife it turned out to be the flower beds in the outside yard that seemed to get all the distructive attention, time and again. But hey, you just have to accomodate and change your habits to suit the new arrival, atleast until they get a chance to grow and be taught what is and what is NOT acceptable.

We had been out a few times during her first few weeks at home, but these were few and far between. The threat from Parvo virus is very real and it is a killer, being very ruthless. As such little Maya’s feet never even touched the ground, I had to carry her everywhere which isn’t such a terrible thing at first when you are constantly being the centre of attention. Lets face it who doesn’t stop and want to talk and see the new puppy? Even more so when you have such a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback.

The compliments and attention are fine but do start to wear off when they approach that 11 week stage and have been rapidly putting on size & weight. Your arms certainly ache even after a short walk!

So they day of FREEDOM had arrived and we were going to trace mother and daughter for their first joint outing to the local beach. It was here that Nala finally showed off to her little one what being a ridgeback adult was all about, with her finding her form and racing all around the beach running rings around her pup. Maya the puppy, was a little scared hiding between our feet for security – funny now to see as she has outgrown her mother by a long way!

Anyway here are the pictures – cute & funny and bringing back the memories of the joy of having a tiny puppy!

Rhodesian Ridgeback PuppiesRhodesian Ridgeback Puppies