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We breed Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies from the best blood lines available.  We select of lines carefully, only selecting good dogs of outstanding temperament, stunning form, and glorious dark red coats.

They are perfect family dogs having been whelped in a family household, having regular handling, and the variety of experience that comes with this.

We only breed to continue and improve our own lines, so each litter is indeed special and unique in every way.

Ojore is an African name meaning “Warrior” and the Rhodesian Ridgeback certainly is a warrior within the canine world. They are not aggressive dogs, more a case that they are dogs with great spirit and presence, a very proud dog to have by your side and to be part of your family. unit.

Originally bred and used to hunt lions, the dogs are known to be fearless and will openly stare fear in the eye whilst moving forward.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is known as the SAS of the canine world for being able to keep pace with a moving horse whilst running along side for distances up to 30 km. But don’t let this put you off, this is what they ‘can do’ and not a rule of thumb as to what they need or indeed get!

A ridgeback is the ideal family pet for ‘active’ families and would prove to be the greatest running companion you could ever wish for. Likewise they will also be your ideal, placid & chilled out buddy just lounging around on a settee all day ( given the chance ), being hounds they just love to sleep !

Did you know that the term of “keeping a lion at bay” comes from and refers to the Ridgebacks hunting abilities of determination, fearlessness, and power ?

I was first drawn to the breed around 20 years ago when I met my first ridgeback in a local village pub. Immediately drawn to the breed – aware of its sheer presence, unassuming, strong & proud.

Nearly 15 years past before I felt the time was right and I was ready to take on the responsibility of a ridgeback and I chose Nala from the wonderful Zejak Kennels in Godalming, Surrey. Jackie Ellis of Zejak Rhodesian Ridgebacks has been a great mentor offering support and knowledge to us over the years. This on going advice really distinguishes a breeder and clearly reminds us that the wellbeing of the breed is of the upmost importance..

This advice and support so valuably passed on is now something I to offer to anyone seeking advice to any aspect concerning the breed.

This site has been created with the specific intention of being a celebration of the breed, with some wonderful photography, video & information. We have two bitches Nala & Maya, mother and daughter and hope to produce several litters in the near future.Although our dogs have been shown in the ring at Championship level both in the UK and abroad, this is not something that will be represented here. My first love and profession is photography and I have been concentrating on this since my return to the UK. This takes my time, resources and necessitates me working weekends as opposed to showing my dogs.

This site will allow you to equip yourself with a greater understanding of the breed and to enjoy seeing how and what we get up to with our dogs. Anyone wishing to have a Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy as a family pet is welcome to get in touch. and invited to join a waiting list for future planned litters of Ojore Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies.

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